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César Alencar
What's the difference between make and do? In which situations is better to use them?
Mar 6, 2014 1:23 PM
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DO is used as follows: 1-necessary work or tasks ( do the housework , do the exercise, do the shopping , etc ) 2-........think ( do something , do anything etc ) MAKE is used as follows: 1-producing, constructing, creating or building something new.( The ring is made of gold ) 2- produce sounds ( make noise , make speech , make a comment , etc ) 3 Mental activity ( make a plan , make a decision , make a choice , etc ) 4 prepare something ( make a cake , make a bed , make dinner , etc ) I hope , I could help you :))
March 6, 2014
They're very different. 'Do' is just a general verb describing any action. You can use it to represent a verb when the context is obvious. 'Make' is like 'create', but more common and more casual. They're both very common words, so naturally they have some other usages in phrasal verbs or specific phrases. I already explained "to make someone do something" and "to make something something" as a response to your other question. For example, "To make a bed" is literally means "to create a bed" (ie. like a carpenter would), but it's also a phrasal verb. 'Do' can represent 'make', but no more than it can represent any other verb. You need to make sure (to make sure is another phrasal verb) that what 'do' represents is obvious in the context. Ex. "A: I'll make a cake." B: I'll do it too!" (here "do it" represents "make a cake") If you just say "I did some homework", people would mostly infer that "do homework" means "to complete homework", just because that's what most people do with homework. If a teacher says the same thing to another teacher, they might interpret "do homework" as "make homework" or "mark homework". If you randomly said to me "I'll do an asteroid", I'd have no idea what you'd have meant. 'Do' could represent literally any verb in the English language and people don't generally interact with asteroids, so I wouldn't be able to make an educated guess without more information. If I knew you were an astronomer, I might guess that you meant 'discover', but I'd still ask you what you meant. If you said something like "I like to draw celestial objects. Tonight I'll do an asteroid", then it's much more obvious what 'do' represents. 'To do someone' is also a slang way of saying 'to sleep with someone'.
March 6, 2014
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March 6, 2014
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