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Kelly Xu
And it wasn't only the lost time, the episodes???? For although Percy had gone along with her twin's certainty that Juniper, if engaged, would have told them the news, in reality she had no such confidence. It was the sort of thing that people did tell one another, that was true enough, but Juniper wasn't like other people: she was beloved but she was also undeniably singular. And it wasn't only the lost time, the episodes; this was the little girl who'd comforted herself by rubbing objects on her naked eyeball—smooth stones, the end of Cook's rolling pin, Daddy's favourite fountain pen; who'd driven away countless nannies with her incurable obstinacy and refusal to abandon imaginary cohorts; who, on the rare occasion she was induced to wear shoes, insisted on wearing them wrong-footed. I would like to know what does "And it wasn't only the lost time, the episodes" in his paragraph mean. Thanks in advance for your kind help.
Mar 6, 2014 1:51 PM
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It means she was beloved and undeniably singular, and for other reasons besides just "the lost time" and "the episodes". The lost time could mean that she lost time she would have otherwise spent doing something or being with someone (if someone close to her died for example) or it could mean that she has trouble focusing on the present ( "losing time" can be a psychological condition in which a person will become unaware of their surroundings for some amount of time). While the most common English use of the word "episodes" is now for television shows, it can also refer to psychological or behavioural episodes, which are times when a persons negative thoughts / emotions / other aspects of mental illness can be particularly strong, and given the context this seems likely to be the type of episode implied here. I would need more background on the source material to be sure, but if the character is mentally or behaviourally troubled in any way, then those are likely the explanations.
March 8, 2014
What amul wrote above is exactly what I was thinking too. Perhaps whatever "episodes" mentioned above are a reference to the lost time.
March 6, 2014
I think there is probably something earlier in the text which will shed light on this. From what you've given it is hard to tell. I would guess that there have been periods when Juniper has gone missing about which she does not want to tell anyone. But as I said, this is a pure guess.
March 6, 2014
Kelly Xu
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