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Hannah Brannan
"It makes my head spin" in Arabic? How do you say "my head was spinning" or "it makes my head spin" in Arabic? As-siyaaq: She spoke so quickly and confusingly that it made my head spin. كيف نقول " " بالعربي؟ يعني، هي اعبارة عندما شيء معقد او مربك او مذهل جدا…
Mar 6, 2014 9:37 PM
Answers · 3
in Egyption : دوخت dokht or another meaning like headache صدعت sda3t..sda'at
March 9, 2014
Hi , I prefer to use a single word , you can simply use the verb : دوخني , it is pronounced with a stress on the (و) . Using one word , if possible , is easier to memorize .
March 7, 2014
أصابني بالدوار or جعل رأسي يدور
March 6, 2014
Hannah Brannan
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