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In this context, "developed" means "updated"? We are amused by the funny faces of clowns at circuses. They smile, laugh, frown, and show ridiculous facial expressions. Clown facial painting was developed before microphones were widely used. The purpose of clown makeup was not to paint a mask over the face, but to enhance natural facial expressions. Since the audience was a long distance away from the performers, clowns had to exaggerate facial features in order to show their emotions effectively. The lips and eyebrows were made larger than life to draw people’s attention. That was because they are the most expressive parts of the face. "Clown facial painting was developed" what does that mean? In this context, "developed" means "updated"? Please help me! Thanks!^ ^
6. März 2014 22:27
Answers · 2
No, it means it started and had time to evolve.
6. März 2014
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