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Jennifer Gutierrez
how do you say..."to get" in Spanish How would you say "to get" in Spanish as in to say...we are going to get paid on Friday or I will buy that when I get paid. Thanks!
Mar 7, 2014 6:42 AM
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'Get' have tons of translations in Spanish. But in those sentences you can say: Nos pagarán el viernes Compraré eso cuando me paguen
March 7, 2014
Jennifer, I am not an expert, or any thing close, but I also had that question when I started Hace tres anos, Because I still struction based on my native english, I say "llavar "to arrive" and I think that might work for you in a pinch, tambien! Richard Liden,Colerain, Ohio, USA
March 7, 2014
As someone studying Spanish for over a year now AND being a native English speaker. I would suggest that there is no way to say that. They simply do not use that type of format for speaking (not that I have seen). When I first started studying Spanish a wise teacher once told me , "To learn a new language , the first step is always forgetting your old one and all of its rules." For example: you said: I will buy the when I get paid. I'll lay it out for you in English backwards from what they would say , which is something like : Cuando me pagan voy a comprar eso. When they pay me , I'm going to buy that. The hardest part about learning a NEW language is forgetting the OLD rules and regulations of your other language. Learning to think in a different way is honestly the funnest part. Hope I helped a little , good luck and have fun!
March 7, 2014
Jennifer Gutierrez
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