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Who can tell me what should i do to grow taller and be thinner? I was born in 1997,and now i am 17 years old .I am short and heavy,what should i do to lose weight? And is it possible to grow taller?
Mar 8, 2014 2:43 PM
Answers · 5
We are not really in control of how tall we get. That is up to your genes. You might try drinking lots of milk for the calcium to make your bones stronger. To help with you being heavy, watch what you eat and gets some exercise.
March 8, 2014
My daughter is my height but has your build. She tells me that I need to be happy with her even though she is not tall and thin. I work hard to keep my weight down, and I have been successful without starving myself. I have learned from my daughter to be happy with an outward appearance that is not the ideal. It is what is inside that counts. She spends her days helping others. I recommend that you help others and be proud of who you are.
March 8, 2014
i recommend to you playing some sports dont tired urself just try to have fun .. walking is very useful and running is best try avoid foods which Contain high-calorie try decrease your eating amount day after day challenge urself ;) keep it up
March 8, 2014
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