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i don't get the last sentence,what does it mean? Of course you are right to go. You have never be¬come American despite your success here, and now that the business is so well established you must take your sturdy German boys back to the homeland to be educated. Elsa too has missed her family through the long years and they will be glad to see you as well. The impecunious young artist has now become the family benefactor, and that too will give you a quiet little triumph.
8 de Mar de 2014 às 15:11
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I'll be honest, as a native speaker I had to look up the meaning of impecunious. I assume this is a novel or something like that because this isn't a word most people would know even as a native speaker. It means "having little or no money" and so would be a synonym for "poor". The last sentence then reads: The [poor] young artist has now become the family benefactor [someone who gives money to help other people or a cause] and that too will give you a quiet little triumph. [the phrase quiet little triumph isn't a common saying, but it makes sense. It would be like a "small victory" something that is a success, and that the person being addressed can be proud of, even if it's not a major accomplishment or something that everyone will know about. At least that's my take on it.
8 de Março de 2014
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