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i didn't get the last sentence of this paragraph, what does it mean? The business continues to go well. Mrs. Levine has bought the small Picasso at our price, for which I congratulate myself, and I have old Mrs. Fleshman playing with the notion of the hideous Madonna. No one ever bothers to tell her that any particular piece of hers is bad, because they are all so bad. However I lack your fine touch in selling to the old Jewish matrons. I can persuade them of the excellence of the investment, but you alone had the fine spiritual approach to a piece of art that unarmed them. Besides they probably never entirely trust another Jew.
Mar 8, 2014 3:15 PM
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This would be considered a racist statement today. The author is apparently Jewish. His clients, the old ladies who buy the artwork in his gallery, are also Jewish. The person the author is writing to (obviously a former colleague) is apparently NOT Jewish. The author is saying that one of the reasons his former colleague was much better at selling to the old Jewish ladies was because the Jewish ladies wouldn't completely trust another Jew (the author) to give them the best sale price.
March 8, 2014
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