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Pronouns When I use the word "person" and I don't know the gender, what pronoun I use? For example: "That person don't have a pencil. I could lend [him/her/them] mine." I don't know how to use these pronouns in this case, and also the pronouns "myself, itself, etc" Can someone help me?
Mar 8, 2014 4:28 PM
Answers · 4
You'd say 'them', although it sounds really strange in this situation because if you're pointing to "that person" then you should be able to determine their gender. Just some corrections: "That person doesn't..." "...what pronoun should I use?"
March 8, 2014
if you gave your pencil -- you saw a person and thus you know the gender
March 10, 2014
English correction: That person doesn't have a pencil. Example of self: I would give them one myself, if I had an extra.
March 8, 2014
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