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Nikita Kalinin
Spoken English What should I do if I want to improve my spoken English? It seems that it fixed on a point where I can express everything I want, but in a very poor language.
8 mars 2014 23:02
Answers · 6
Hey Nikita. The best way to improve your speaking is to practice as much as you can. The more you speak it with someone, the easier it will be for you to pick up the pronunciation and you will also learn a lot more vocabulary. Try singing along with your favorite music and reading out loud too. Good luck. :)
9 mars 2014
You should hire a native speaker/teacher to help, like me. I can make it easy for you. Good luck!
8 mars 2014
ставите себе произношение и побольше читаете вслух... кстати, правильно называть это Oral English
10 mars 2014
Nikita Kalinin
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