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which one is correct? in "a land with a deep culture and the beginnings of a fine political freedom.", does "the beginnings of a fine political freedom" mean "Germany is origin of political freedom", or "the political freedom begins in Germany?" The context is : 【Back in Germany! How I envy you! Although I have not seen it since my school days, the spell of Unter den Linden is still strong upon me—the breadth of intellec¬tual freedom, the discussions, the music, the light-hearted comradeship. And now the old Junker spirit, the Prussian arrogance and militarism are gone. You go to a democratic Germany, a land with a deep culture and the beginnings of a fine political freedom. It will be a good life. Your new address is impressive and I rejoice that the crossing was so pleasant for Elsa and the young sprouts.
Mar 9, 2014 1:44 AM
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It means neither. Instead. what the passage is saying is that "the Old Germany, the country with its Prussian arrogance and its militaristic past is now gone." Instead, when you go to Germany now, you will find a country with a long history and in the beginning of what is certain to be a fine democratic tradition.
March 9, 2014
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