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what does "My Sunday home is transported over the wide sea"mean? As for me, I am not so happy. Sunday morning finds me a lonely bachelor without aim. My Sunday home is now transported over the wide seas. The big old house on the hill—your welcome that said the day was not complete until we were together again! And our dear jolly Elsa, coming out beaming, grasping my hand and shouting "Max, Max!" and hurrying indoors to open my favorite Schnapps. The fine boys, too, espe¬cially your handsome young Heinrich; he will be a grown man before I set eyes upon him again.the previous paragraph of the above text is : 【My Dear Martin: Back in Germany! How I envy you! Although I have not seen it since my school days, the spell of Unter den Linden is still strong upon me—the breadth of intellec¬tual freedom, the discussions, the music, the light- hearted comradeship. And now the old Junker spirit, the Prussian arrogance and militarism are gone. You go to a democratic Germany, a land with a deep cul¬ture and the beginnings of a fine political freedom. It will be a good life. Your new address is impressive and I rejoice that the crossing was so pleasant for Elsa and the young sprouts.】the following paragraph of the above text is 【And dinner—shall I evermore hope to eat as I have eaten? Now I go to a restaurant and over my lonely roast beef come visions of gebackner Schinken steaming in its Burgundy sauce, of Spalzle, ah! of Spatzle and Spargel! No, I shall never again become reconciled to my American diet. And the wines, so carefully slipped ashore from the German boats, and the pledges we made as the glasses brimmed for the fourth and fifth and sixth times.】
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After reading the additional paragraphs, I conclude that the narrator is speaking of the fact that formerly, he would spend Sundays at big old house somewhere in Germany, with people who were important to him. However, now his home is in America, which is on the other side of a great ocean (the wide seas). Thus, his home where he spends Sundays is (has been) transported across the wide seas.
9. März 2014
Without my knowing what happened before this, it is hard to be sure. But it sounds as if the narrator is aboard a ship that is sailing on the ocean. If so, the ship is serving as the narrator's "home." And because the ship is sailing, every Sunday the ship ("home") is in a different place.
9. März 2014
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