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what does "your welcome that said"mean? As for me, I am not so happy. Sunday morning finds me a lonely bachelor without aim. My Sunday home is now transported over the wide seas. The big old house on the hill—your welcome that said the day was not complete until we were together again! And our dear jolly Elsa, coming out beaming, grasping my hand and shouting "Max, Max!" and hurrying indoors to open my favorite Schnapps. The fine boys, too, espe¬cially your handsome young Heinrich; he will be a grown man before I set eyes upon him again.
Mar 9, 2014 2:04 AM
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I think there's been an error whilst this was being typed up, because it makes no sense to me as it is. "Your welcome" could be a mistake ("You're welcome", a phrase that follows "thank you"), or it could mean "the welcome that you gave to me"; as in "Your warm welcome was nice". "That said" is used when putting two seemingly opposite opinions or ideas together. "I really don't like this author. That said, I did like this book." I wouldn't worry about getting confused by this sentence, it doesn't really make any sense.
March 10, 2014
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