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Can Someone like teach me how to read Hangul? Like I know how to read it like the Hangul alphabet and stuff its just that I wanna be able to read it like really fast and know what it means and stuff and I would like to possibly add someone on skype for a language tutor because even though I try like learning Korean sites and stuff like that I still can't even make a sentence and I am really upset cause I am going to Korea soon and I do want to socialize with people so I can understand their culture its so frustrating :c
Mar 9, 2014 2:38 PM
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I think one can very easily learn hangeul by himself. It is not that difficult, You could use one of the following links to learn hangeul or One can learn to decipher hangeul in a couple of hours but, to read it fluently it takes a lot of practice. In my experience most Koreans will speak you in English, unless your Korean is fluent, I study Korean every day by myself, but I am by no means fluent.. My dream is that one day my Korean will be so fluent that no Korean person will answer me back in English when I speak to them in Korean. I love Korean culture and language. Although Korean is one of the hardest languages for western people, it is really a fascinating and marvelous language, As far as I am concerned, learning Korean is one of the best thing I have ever done, I wish you good luck with your Korean language learning experience. 화이팅!
March 9, 2014
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