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whats the diffence between fill in and fill out whats the diffence between fill in and fill out
Mar 10, 2014 4:27 AM
Answers · 4
If you are talking about paper work, they have the same meaning, but "fill out" is usually used when a full document is being completed - "Please fill out this paper work." "Fill in" can be used for a portion of a document - "Please fill in this line." or "Fill in the blank." Though "fill in" can have other meanings: i.e "They had to fill in the hole in the wall with Spackle." "I need you to fill in for him. He is sick." (Substitute for)
March 16, 2014
You will see either used for forms(documents), but when you fill out a form, you complete it. "Fill in the spaces" means you put something in those spaces.
March 10, 2014
Not much. They are just usually used in different contexts, but they mean the same thing. Please fill out this form. Please fill in the blank.
March 10, 2014
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