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Wu Ting
How would you explain ‘psychomotricity’ in the context? All the other boys in form nine are younger. But taller than the cretins anyway, and less spittle. Form nine was a compromise, because of being too tall to go all the way back to form six. The officers teach Latin, maths, and other things. Drill and psychomotricity. Best is literature. The officer recommended a pass to the form-eleven literature class, Samuel Butler, Daniel Defoe, and Jonathan Swift. Who gives a fig if they are Restoration or neoclassicists? New books in endless supply. How would you explain ‘psychomotricity’ in the context? By the way, the school the protagonist attending was named Potomac Academy. Was it a military school? I think so because they called their teachers officers. Thanks!
2014年3月10日 10:30
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It sounds like it ewas an exercise or gym class with a fancy name. It found this definition that might make it clearer: Psychomotricity is a system of physical education which uses motion as an educational means. We may speak of an education via exercise. Emphasis is put not only on the development of motoric abilities and fitness of the body, but also on the psychological and social aspect of the personality of each individual. It is a form of motoric activity which stresses the enjoyment and experience of movement, not strictly performance (Blahutková, 2003)
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