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How do you use “feat” What’ the difference between feat and skill? How do you use this word? Is it a colloquial word? Could you explain it for me, thank you in advance:)
Mar 10, 2014 10:39 AM
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playing 16 games in one season is really a feat and your flexibility was the brilliant skill
March 11, 2014
If by colloquial, you mean "slang" the answer is no. If by colloquial you mean common vocabulary, both "feat" and "skill" are ordinary English nouns. Feat refers to an accomplishment. Climbing a mountain, is a "feat". Any kind of final accomplishment is a "feat". Graduating from a school is a "feat". Finishing a test is a "feat". Talking to a stranger may be a "feat," suggesting that it was difficult for you to do. Speaking in front of other people can be a "feat" if it was a frightening thing for you to do. If you drank a lot of alcohol, it might be a "feat" just to put your socks on in the morning. ---------------------- Skill is an ability. I have some skills. I can shoot a Traditional Longbow. I can play chess. I am a fly-fisherman. I hunt pheasants with a shotgun. These are all acts of some skill. I can ride a bicycle. I can review books. I can teach the basics of English language. I can prepare meals. These are all skills that I possess. I am a good public speaker. I can sing; but I cannot dance. I can debate. I know how to research almost any subject. These are all basic forms of "skill". .
March 10, 2014
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