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What do these lines mean? please help In Looking Richie: When I feel disrespected, especially by someone that I care about, it just does something to me, okay? Um, my pride is something that I'm working through. It makes me see things all twisted, and I just had to go and shake it off. Patrick: Richie... Richie: No Richie: I know that I'm extra sensitive about where I'm from, and that's my own thing. And you have your own issues about it. I know you think you don't, but you do. What do these lines mean "my pride is something that I'm working through" / "that's my own thing" in this context? Richie thinks his pride is a problem for him to see things straight, so he tried to forget his pride? I have no idea what "that's my own thing" mean. If you could help me with these lines, i'd really appreciate your help :)
10 мар. 2014 г., 17:28
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"The way he is" in this context refers to his personality, not his nationality.
10 марта 2014 г.
"That's my own thing" here is a way of saying "that's my own problem" or "that's my own issue" by this he just means that he knows that that's a problem that he has in his life and he accepts that. The pride sentence basically means that he's trying to fix his pride because it causes him problems with seeing situations clearly. When he says "I just had to go and shake it off" he means that he just had to get past his own pride.
10 марта 2014 г.
Helba, your answer is really useful to me :) If you don't mind, could i ask you one more? what is the exact meaning of "the way he is"? Richie is mexican so he can't help it? thanks in advance!
10 марта 2014 г.
u're right about those ones: Richie knows his pride isn't nice, so he try to fix it. ''that's my own thing" means that's the way he is, got it? I hope I can be useful
10 марта 2014 г.
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