ali elkholy
What is the difference between verbs COB and HECOB?and how can i use these verbs?and when i must us? i dont know the difference between them
Mar 11, 2014 3:09 AM
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COB and HECOB COB — совершенный вид —СВ HECOB — несовершенный вид — НСВ Russian verbs have 2 aspects: imperfective (несовершенный вид — НСВ) and perfective (совершенный вид —СВ ) For example: делать (imperfective) — сделать (perfective) — to do читать — прочитать — to read Both verbs (НСВ and СВ) describe the same action, BUT: imperfective (несовершенный вид — НСВ) verbs describe only the action; perfective (совершенный вид —СВ ) verbs describe the completion, ending or result of the action. Я читал книгу — I read the book Я прочитал книгу — I finished reading the book
March 11, 2014
Your question is very difficult to explain. I am Russian and I never make mistakes in using of aspects but it is impossible for me to explain this theme. You need a good Russian grammar book or sites for learners of Russian as a foreign language.
March 11, 2014
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