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What kind of grammar do I need to know in order to understand this sentence? The sentence is like this: 実際に妹がいるやつなら、ちょっとは俺の気持ちが分かってくれるんじゃないかと思う。 Except the word いるやつなら, I understand most of the individual vocabularies 実際 = actual 妹 = sister ちょっと = a little bit 俺 = me 気持 = feeling 分かって = understand くれる = to give じゃない = a negative tense と思う = I think But when piecing them together, I can't really understand what the whole sentence means.
Mar 11, 2014 10:56 AM
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Although I wonder if I can explain well with my English, I'll try to do it. In this sentence: 実際 = actual (--> like "in real life") 妹 = sister ちょっと = a little bit (--> like "at least") 俺 = me 気持を分かってくれる = understand me (understand what I feel / understand my feeling) じゃない = a negative tense (--> like "might") と思う = I think *分かってくれるんじゃないかと思う = 分かってくれるだろうと思う = I think (the person) might understand me 実際に妹がいるやつなら、ちょっとは俺の気持ちが分かってくれるんじゃないかと思う。 = If the person has a little sister in his real life, I think he might understand what I feel at least "a little". (However, I'm not sure if my English is correct or not.) There are many cases that we have to change the words when we translate the sentences and that the direct translations sound unnatural. I hope this was helpful and other people explain to you better than me.
March 11, 2014
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