what is the different Hi every one ..i wonder about 3 words ... sebep ...nedenle...dolayı is there a different between or when i can use them ? could you tell me please :) Thank you
Mar 13, 2014 1:51 PM
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hello:) you can use "sebep" for only cause,reason and two of them are conjunction,you can not use "nedenle" alone because its mean is not cause, you can use 'bu nedenle' in Türkçe (in english "because of") and last one 'dolayı', its mean like 'bu nedenle' but you can not use 'dolayı' alone like as 'nedenle'. you can use -den dolayı. Türkçe açıklamak gerekirse sebep sadece "cause" anlamındadır fakat dolayı ve nedenle aynı anlamdadır ve bağlaçtır.
March 13, 2014
Sebep and neden are both noun, which means cause or reason. So we can use them as a noun in the sentence. But neden/sebep has a usage as conjunction (bu nedenle or bu sebeple), and dolayı as conjuntion or postposition (-den dolayı). For example: Hastayım. Bu nedenle/bu sebeple evde kaldım. (I'm sick, so/that's why I stayed at home.) Hasta olduğumdan dolayı evde kaldım. (Because of the fact that I'm sick, I stayed at home.) Hastalıktan dolayı evde kaldım. (Because of the sickness I stayed at home.) But the usage of -den dolayı is a bit difficult, because the sentence or the noun before -den dolayı takes declination suffixes. So for the begining its better to use bu nedenle/bu sebeple.
March 13, 2014
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