Is there an English appropriate word for "平和ボケ(heiwaboke)"? According to a dictionary, 平和ボケ(heiwaboke) could be "peace idiot" or "peace at any price". Are these words often used? I wanna know that because Japanese people are often said to be 平和ボケ(heiwaboke). Japan is so safe that people cannot consider political issues so seriously as people from other countries. Besides, I'd very much obliged if you would correct word errors I made the above:)
Mar 14, 2014 6:08 PM
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I'd go with (a) "safety nut"(s). It's commonly used in American English, and in other countries' English as well. The nuance is similar too :) Examples of "safety nut": 1. It soon became clear that this wouldn't be the case, however, because the person driving the train at that time of night is such a safety nut that he or she lays on that horn long enough to ensure that everyone in three counties hears it at every crossing. Longing for sweet silence by Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA) 2. 5 HEALTH and safety nuts in Poole, Dorset, have invented the world's first non-threatening Christmas tree. JACKSON 5 by Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England) 3. Last week he was on about the health and safety nuts closing down all the schools because of a bit of snow. MUM'S BLAME STORM SESSION by The Mirror (London, England) In a formal setting (academia, professor, etc.) you could say "people in Japan are overly focused on maintaining peace and harmony," but it's a bit long to say.
March 15, 2014
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