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How would you explain this sentence? “Sorry, sir.” Ragtag boys rushed past like pigeons flushed from the bush, coshing people’s suitcases into their knees. “A bunch of little tramps on the rods,” he said. “On the rods?” “They ride into town on the outside of the train.” The cold was killing, every breath prickling into needles of nostril-ice. Finally it dawned, what he’d said: these ragged boys rode outside the train. Dios mio. “Where will they go now?” “Bunk on their ears in some hobo jungle. Or else they’ll go listen to the Christers. Accept the Lord for one night in exchange for a mulligan.” How would you explain this sentence: Bunk on their ears in some hobo jungle? I think ‘hobo jungle’ here means a place where hobos gathered. But what’s the meaning of “on their ears”? Thanks!
Mar 15, 2014 12:18 PM
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A hobo jungle was a place where hobos camped, often near railroad tracks. "Bunk on their ears" means to sleep on the ground. They don't have pillows or beds, so their ears are against the ground.
March 15, 2014
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