Alisa Tsang
Can you recommend some websites about English movies? I want to improve my oral English!
Mar 15, 2014 3:32 PM
Answers · 2
There are a lot of sites that stream western tv and movies. Understand that they are all based in 'outlying' countries and most of their content violates copyright laws of the major producing nations. (The 'watchseries' site mentioned below is in '.to' = Tonga. Others are in '.me' = Montenegro.) You may find links on these sites that lead you to download something other than the show you want to watch. So be careful. Make sure you have a good antivirus program and any of the free malware removers that are available. I use several of these sites and 99% of the time, no problem. But I have also seen some bad links. It seems to me you should have all you need right there on sites in China. That's where you get 'Friends' and 'Big Bang Theory', right?
March 15, 2014
well... I've got one, "watchseries" juste search it by google, hope can help :)
March 15, 2014
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