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Sentences about sports - are they correct/natural? 누가 경기에 나와요? Who's playing? FC로마이랑 AC밀란 나와요. FC Roma and AC Milan. FC로마이랑 AC밀란 경기결과가 어떻게 되었어요? What was the final score between FC Roma and AC Milan? FC로마가 2대 1로 이겼어요. FC Roma won by 2 to 1.
Mar 16, 2014 8:52 AM
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Almost.:) 1. FC로마이랑 AC밀란 나와요. > FC로마랑 AC밀란이 나와요. '랑' is correct because '마' doesn't have a final consonant(=받침) '이' is needed because "FC로마랑 AC밀란" is a subject. 2. FC로마이랑 AC밀란 경기결과가 어떻게 되었어요? > FC로마랑 AC밀란의 경기결과는 어떻게 되었어요? \^o^/
March 16, 2014
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