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Could anyone translate a short phrase in French I am looking to go a international invention exposition so if is possible could anyone correct my English phrase and also translate it in French? The invention relates to an electronic device designed to detect using Artificial Intelligence automatically masked burglars - covered by a hood, mask or stocking entering a commercial location and alarms also when some criminals want to steal an ATM or a safe trying to it cut using a an angle grinder.
Mar 16, 2014 5:35 PM
Answers · 2
This is for the translation to French : L'invention concerne un dispositif qui utilise l'intelligence artificielle pour détecter automatiquement les cambrioleurs qui s'introduisent dans un commerce et qui sont masqués par une cagoule, un masque ou un bas. Il peut également être utilisé pour déclencher une alarme lorsque les criminels tentent de voler un distributeur de billets ou forcer un coffre-fort à l'aide d'une perceuse.
March 17, 2014
The invention relates to a device that uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically detect burglars entering a commercial location covered by a hood, mask or stocking. It can also be used to sound an alarm when criminals are attempting to steal an ATM or cut open a safe using an angle grinder.
March 17, 2014
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