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How would you explain this sentence? The smile disappears because the whole boy disappears. The Odyssey can be reopened to any page, it doesn’t matter which (The narrator was reading the book). And then he is back, that grin. The scion of a ruined family, delighted with himself. This hurts, an ache in the groin, wanting so badly to see that smile and follow it somewhere. It keens like Mother waiting for the next cigarette. That is how she loves men, too. It must be. But in this case, can’t be. “What doesn’t kill you,” Bull’s Eye likes to observe while scrubbing pots in the mess, “will make you piss on your shoes.” How would you explain the word said by Bull’s Eye: What doesn’t kill you will make you piss on your shoes? Thanks!
Mar 17, 2014 9:52 AM
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Friedrich Nietzsche, the famous German philosopher (1844-1900) said "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." Every sports coach since then has used this quote as justification for torturing his players. The words said by Bull's Eye paraphrase this quote. He is being ironic. Whatever the Army does to you, if it doesn't kill you, it will hurt so bad you will urinate, pee, piss all down your leg and onto your shoes. My apologies for being graphic, but you did ask. Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/f/friedrichn101616.html#F1tRzHryfLiWrTv2.99
March 17, 2014
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