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How would you explain this sentence? According to Bull’s Eye, two million Americans are on the road. Half are probably just boys, not lucky enough to scrub pots for three squares and a plunk. Or farmers. Radio repairmen, teachers, nurses, or they finished school and no job anywhere. “It gripes my soul, truly it does,” says Bull’s Eye. He is steamed about the relief bill passed by the Congress, then knocked right down by the president because it’s an Unexampled Raid on the Public Treasury. That was the news headline. Hoover says it’s no crisis, only depression, everyone down in the dumps feeling sorry for themselves. If the gloomy people would buck up and smile, this mess will go away. How would you explain this sentence: or they finished school and no job anywhere? I think the previous sentences mean half of the American on the road were probably boys, farmers, radio repairmen, teachers or nurses. But what’s the mean of the sentence ‘or they finished school and no job anywhere’? Who does “they” refer to?
Mar 17, 2014 1:33 PM
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It's worded strangely. I'm not sure if the farmers, radio repairmen, etc are included in the half. "They finished school and no job anywhere" means they've graduated from high school, but can't find work.
March 17, 2014
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