HELP!! Can you help me understand thise words from a YouTube video? It's about accounthing and the video is And the words I don't understand are : 15:15 "That serves external users primarily and __________________ class" 16:03 "Have you heard of managerial accounting? Does anybody_________________________managerial accounting?" 16:39 "And _____________we know it has 17:28 "They certainly have input __________________________is " 18:11 "If I were to ask this in an accounting class 20 years ago f 19:52 "Ok, I want you to read about ___________________________ this in your books. Thanks in Advance!!!!
Mar 18, 2014 9:12 AM
Answers · 2
15:15 "and that's this class" 16:03 "does anyone already know that they're eventually going to have to take managerial accounting?" 16:39 "and we know it has to be these three things for it to be useful" 17:28 "to the FASB on what gap is" (not entirely sure here, sorry) 18:11 "first of all you'd say 'what's skype?' secondly you wouldn't think about buying something" 19:52 "about next - now we're onto a different subject, and I want you to read about this" Hopefully this helps.
March 21, 2014
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