Does the word"exasperated" mean angry? How to use the word"exasperated" in daily life? Is there any example?
Mar 18, 2014 12:29 PM
Answers · 4
Exasperated means "greatly annoyed" or "out of patience." A good informal synonym is "fed up." I am exasperated by today's politicians; they talk and talk and talk and do nothing." "Gas prices keep going up and up. I am so exasperated / greatly annoyed / out of patience / fed up." "Sometimes learning French exasperates me. It is difficult and sometimes I am out of patience and exasperated. But I will never give up trying to learn." "I am fed up / greatly annoyed / exasperated by my boy friend. He never remembers my birthday."
March 18, 2014
Not necessarily. I can be exasperated with the red tape in government, and not be angry. I know that governmental processes are filled with checks and security. I do get exasperated and frustrated, but not angry. I get angry with myself when I fail to meet a goal. I am disappointed, but not exasperated with myself. Some people get exasperated then they try to explain something to someone else that they think in simple. A few do get angry when they are exasperated, but most either give up or find someone else to handle the situation. Teaching can be exasperating when the instructor knows facts and/or skills and the student fails to grasp what is being taught or thinks they have a better way that the instructor knows will endanger the safety of others. Interpersonal relationships can be exasperating, but the underlying friendship should mend the relationship after any anger cools.
March 18, 2014
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