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How would you explain this sentence? “See those two behind the bread truck? They’re the men from the VA, checking papers on the people waiting for the free bread. They won’t turn a guy away anyhow. But they said it’s running ninety-four percent.” “Ninety-four percent what? Certain your old man’s your dad?” “Lob. I talked to them yesterday. That many have got Army or Navy discharge papers. Or wives of men with records. One in five disabled.” How would you explain this sentence: it’s running ninety-four percent? I want to ask ‘Ninety-four percent what’ as the boy asked in the context? Besides, how would you explain ‘Certain your old man’s your dad’? Thanks! PS: they were in an encampment where many veterans gathered. The government refused to pay the bonus and the veterans wanted to take the matter up with the president.
Mar 18, 2014 2:07 PM
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From the context you provide and the style of writing, my guess is 94 is the percentage of people (standing in line) who have discharge papers or other required records to receive the free bread. _______ "Certain your old man's your dad?" This is somewhat of a joke. "Old man" here means "dad." So the person asks: Ninety-four percent what? Ninety-four percent that your dad is your dad?
March 18, 2014
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