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How would you explain ‘whaddayou’ in the context? Tonight the moon is five days past full, bleeding white blood into the sky, C como Cristo. Nobody else, only Bull’s Eye, sitting there naked as Sally Rand, behaving as if he thinks he’s quite worth looking at, too. Eye to eye, holding that stare as he leans back against the wall. The moon lighting up the smoke over his head like storm clouds. Every place the light touches his skin, he is a statue made of marble. All but the hairs on his chest. “Whaddayou staring at?” “Nothing.” How would you explain ‘whaddayou’ in the context? Does it mean ‘what do you”? Thanks!
Mar 18, 2014 2:20 PM
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It's a shortened form of "What are you" and is generally spelled "what're you". "What're you staring at?" "What're you doing?" It's just spoken in more of a slang way rather than the clear, polite, well-spoken "What are you doing?", "What are you looking at?"
March 18, 2014
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