How can we say "because of ......." in arabic?
Mar 18, 2014 4:10 PM
Answers · 5
Because of : بِسَبَب bi-sabab أَجَّلنَا رِحلَتَنَا بِسَبَبِ المَطَر We delayed our trip because of the rain انهَارَ المَبنَى بِسَبَبِ السُيُول The building collapsed because of the floods
March 18, 2014
because of means بسبب - لأن Ex : I didn't go to school because of the bad weather لم أذهب للمدرسة بسبب الطقس السئ I didn't go to school because of the weather was bad. لم أذهب للمدرسة لأن الطقس كان سيئا
March 18, 2014
بسبب / نتيجة ل وبالمصرى عشان أو علشان
May 6, 2014
because of = بسبب
April 15, 2014
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