try to do vs try doing what is the difference ? thanks for answers in advance
2014年6月8日 09:35
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They are completely different. This is the classic example of where the distinction between gerund and infinitive changes the meaning entirely. If you look in any good grammar book or on any good grammar site, the difference will be explained. If you 'try to do' something, it is difficult for you to do that thing, but you are attempting it. You try to climb a mountain, you try to fix your bike, you try to improve your English. These things are hard for you to do, but you try to do them 'Try doing' something does not have the same meaning. It means to experiment with a solution to solve a problem. People might give you advice such as 'Try looking online' 'Try asking your friends' - these are not difficult things in themselves (it's easy to go online, it's easy to talk to your friends) but you do those as attempts to solve another problem. I hope that's clear.
try to do vs try doing what is the difference ? Trying to do something is you actively trying to do something. For example, I am trying to answer your question so that you understand. Try doing something seems more like an imperative/order. For example, try learning English, even though it is hard.
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