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Hello everyone!Can you tell me the meaning of "Yes and no".For which situation can I use it?
2008년 1월 15일 오후 12:59
Answers · 3
It means "from one point of view, the answer is YES, from another point of view, the answer is NO" you use it when you want to show that an answer is more complicated than it seems
2008년 1월 15일
Cristophe is correct. Here's an example: Q: Do you think humans are responsible for the climate change? A: Yes and no. There has always been a change in the climate of the earth throughout history, but on the other hand it seems that it's going quite fast these days. So perhaps we are responsible for the rapid change in today's climate.
2008년 1월 15일
或许吧? A more question: can we use humans instead of human?
2008년 1월 15일
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