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how can i study english?
Dec 7, 2007 4:33 PM
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It's common question . I suggest you begin to read the simple english noverl . there you can experience how to make english thinking and speaking , you can also to experience the rich scenario . also , you should accumulate your vocabulary every day , and to think the reason why you want to learn english
December 8, 2007
Yes ,it is a good question for people who want to study english well ,including me .But I point out that it is not the simple thing to learn your grammar well , you should practise it everyday when you got your new knowledge .Sure ,the best way for you is to communicate with the native-speaker ,and they are willing to help you to correct your mistakes in your sentences .That is a way which can improve your learning quickly and get much more knowledge than you only learning from the book or by yourself .
December 8, 2007
it's such a good question! I think you should start getting a grammar book of english to understand how works english grammar... I did that when i started study english by my own... if u want help.... just tell me... and also.. check it out on that site.... www.bbc.uk there's a session to help english non-native students... see ya!
December 7, 2007
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