French Language Guys, can you help me please ? i want to ask these questions in french. -what happened ? -where are you? -is that right? -yes, it is. -you are right. -do you like this food? -what is your favorite sport? -what would you like to eat? -what would you like to drink? -what would you like to watch? -where would you like to go? thank you guys in advance for your help .
Jul 21, 2014 8:23 AM
Answers · 2
-What happened: Qu'est qui ce passe? -Where are you: Où est tu? -Is that right: C'est bon? C'est correct? -Yes,it is: Oui, c'est bon -you are right: Tu as raison -do you like this food; Aime tu cet aliment/nourriture/ aime tu manger ça? -what is your favorite sport: Quel est ton sport préféré? -what would you like to eat: Que veux tu manger? what would you like to drink: que veux tu boire? what would you like to watch: Que veux tu voir/regarder? where would you like to go?: Où veux tu aller
July 21, 2014
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