a couple of doubts is the sentence: "The manager's idea is to elaborate a marketing plan" correct? are both this senteces correct but with a slight difference in the meaning or there's something wrong in either one? 1) "engineers are famous because they earn a lot" 2) "engineers are famous to earn a lot" thx
Jul 21, 2014 11:58 AM
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Your sentence seems to be correct, 'elaborate' having a meaning of 'develop or present in further detail'. Famous is used with 'for', in this case: 'engineers are famous for earning a lot' would be correct. 'Because' and 'to' are not used (but you can say 'famous because of (something)'. You can look up this and many more prepositions on the internet: http://www.english-4u.de/adj_prep.html
July 21, 2014
Not quite. 'Elaborate' is a mistranslation from Italian, I suspect. 'Develop' would be a better word. The first sentence about the engineers is fine. The second should be: Engineers are famous for earning a lot.
July 21, 2014
"The manager's idea is to elaborate a marketing plan" sounds a bit strange. When you use "elaborate" as a verb and have a noun after it, we usually use the preposition "on." For example: Can you elaborate on that idea? Or simply: Can you elaborate? Better said would be: The manager's plan is to elaborate on his marketing plan. For your second question, the second example is incorrect.
July 21, 2014
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