transactional perspective vs transformational perspective hey can anyone pinpoint what does transactional perspective transformational perspective mean in the below context? they are not in ordinary dictionary.cheers +++++++++++ Successful people Unsuccessful people: Have a sense of gratitude Have a sense of entitlement Forgive others Hold grudges (seek revenge) Accept all responsibility Blame others for their failures (especially the opposite gender) for their failures Give other people credit Take all the credit of their victories for their victories Compliment Criticize Talk about ideas Talk about people Share information Hoard information and data and data Set goals and develop Never set goals life plans Embrace change Fear change Exude joy Exude anger Continuously learn Think they know it all Have empathy for the pain of others Laugh when others are hurting Operate from a transformational perspective vs Operate from a transactional perspective
Jul 22, 2014 3:16 AM
Answers · 1
A transaction is just an official swap of some kind. Every time you buy something, that is a transaction between you and the seller. A transactional perspective would be one where you regard the other party as just there to give you something, without an actual human relationship. To transform means to change something radically. This list is saying successful people see opportunities to change themselves or other people but unsuccessful people just think about what other people can give them.
July 22, 2014
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