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Chiusura lampo o cerniera lampo? Just wondering what the difference is between these two phrases for "zipper." I'm using a visual dictionary to study and it says -chiusura lampo- for a parka and baby clothes, but -cerniera lampo- for a nail kit and a garment bag. Is there any difference between the two or are they interchangeable? Or is one more common to native Italian speakers? just curious... Grazie!
Jul 23, 2014 3:44 AM
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There is a little, impalpable, difference due to the literal meaning. "cerniera lampo" can be used for any purpose, "chiusura lampo" only for closing something; I have a bag in which a spiral zip is used to adjust the bag capacity. In this case I can't call it "chiusura lampo" because it closes nothing, but only "cerniera lampo".
July 23, 2014
There is no difference. It is hard to tell which is the most used. Probably a third word: "zip" (definitely shorter).
July 23, 2014
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