솔더 인쇄용 i have diffficulties in translating Korean into latin: for example 티엠제이 -> Thiemchei (??) while i was translating the list of products, i saw the column (용도 -purpose), it was written "솔더 인쇄용", i know 인쇄용(printer) but dont know 솔더. The product here is decriber metal mask (메탈마스크) one more question, the Column:주기 (means: period?) of 세정제 (Solvent) is 세정주기에 따름. I think it means the product's purpors is for cleaning. But it should be placed at 용도, so i dont think 주기 means period in that way. Please help me with this
Jul 23, 2014 3:47 AM
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티엠제이 is TMJ 솔더 is solder 솔더 인쇄용 means "for solder printing" 주기 is period 세정제 is cleaner 세정주기에 따름 means "according to period of cleaning"
July 23, 2014
1) 티엠제이 - T(티), M(엠), J(제이) -----> TMJ 2) 솔더 인쇄용 - something to print 솔더 ( I don't know 솔더 as well) 3) 세정주기에 따름 - following(depending on) your cleaning routine(circle), for example, you clean it every 7 days. ** Is your job translating or corresponding with Korean company? If it is latter, just send them e-mail in English.
July 23, 2014
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