maybe I was just feeling self conscious!mean exactly? I can easily say the place I really noticed the beautiful young women was Israel - especially since Israelis come from all over the world but within a generation they all seem to have dark skin, long dark curly hair, big boobs and be stunning without makeup... Or maybe I was just feeling self conscious! I know I am generalizing but I was there for 9 months so it wasn't really a snap impression... Just my experience... what does Or maybe I was just feeling self conscious!mean exactly? I know self conscious means mentally clear or aware of something by yourself, right? what is a snap impression? I presume it means an impression you get after being present with something or someone in a short time. Not sure it is right, Need your ideas, thanks a lot
Jul 23, 2014 6:43 AM
Answers · 4
"Snap" impression/judgement is an impression or judgement made straight away, and suggests that the facts weren't really considered. So in this case, because they'd been there 9 months, they could make an impression based on knowledge and facts, so it couldn't be a hurried "snap" impression. "Maybe I was just feeling self conscious". - You're right, self conscious means to be aware of yourself. In this case, because the writer sees beautiful people, they are more aware of themselves maybe not being as beautiful! Hope that helps :)
July 23, 2014
self conscious means being aware of yourself or thinking a lot about yourself in a way that often makes you compare yourself to others negatively. You feel embarrassed about or aware of your shortcomings. Everyone on italki knows what it is to feel self conscious - we all feel it every time we have to speak or write in the langauge we are learning. Suddenly, you notice every little mistake and every single thing you do wrong. In this example, the author (I presume a woman) is self conscious because she is comparing herself to the women she sees and suddenly considers herself less beautiful. You are right about snap judgement, it's a judgement you make very quickly. Like a first impression.
July 23, 2014
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