please help me with these sentence. i will really appreciate it. 1He got people thinking. Duchamp had found the urinal and turned it into a piece of art. In fact, he started a movement, 'Found Art'. Artists all over the world create art like this, now. They find utilitarian objects, place them in an art museum or gallery, and present them as art. what is "utilitarian object"? is something with high price? 2For the description, you should state the name of the work, the artist, the medium. Next, say what it looks like, but don't use opinion words like 'beautiful'' or 'nice'. This is an article about critique art. So in this case,when we talk about painting what does “medium” mean? 3Next time you're admiring art at a gallery or museum, just remember - description, analysis, interpretation, judgment. You'll wow your friends with your deep understanding of art .... and you might even enjoy yourself! This is an article talk about how to admire a painting. So in this case, what does “wow” mean?
Jul 23, 2014 7:33 AM
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utilitarian - from 'to utilise' which means 'to use' - useful (rather than decorative) medium (singular) media (plural - though now often used in a singular sense when meaning newspapers/tv etc) - the unusual plural is because the word comes from Latin
July 23, 2014
Utilitarian art is a type art which has some sort of function like a company logo, a mascot, a bowl you made in pottery class etc. It isn't visual art like a painting, which is created to be appreciated, but has some kind of design and usage. In the article you've above, the author talks about a urinal being turned into a piece of art. It's not visual art, but it certainly has a function! :p In the art world, the "medium" is the material used by the artist to create their work. In terms of drawing and painting, it's usually referred to as the "media". Examples include oil paint, pastel, pencil and watercolor. In architecture the medium could cement, glass, metal etc. To "wow" your friends simply means to amaze them.
July 23, 2014
1. An utilitarian object is a common object with an everyday use. A pencil, a frypan, a brick, a notebook. Utilitarian objects because they do a job. It is the opposite of artistic. 2. Medium (or media) is the specific technique something is made with. Painting, drawing, sculpture are all forms of art but different mediums. 3. To wow (verb) is a casual way of saying to amaze.
July 23, 2014
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