So, how's your new roommate working out? Here is the conversation that I have problems understanding. Hope you could do me a favor in this! A: So, how's your roommate working out? B: Well, I don't see that much of him, really. I mean, he's always working, you know, at the library or sitting at the computer. Questions 1. Does "working out" also mean "getting on with someone"? 2. "I don't see that much of him", why there is a "that" and what does this sentence mean? Thank you!
Jul 23, 2014 7:43 AM
Answers · 4
1. What this sentence really means is 'How's (the situation with) the roommate working out?' Or how is he 'working out' as a roommate? Presumably he is a new roommate, so there was a possibility that this situation might not have worked out well. 'work out' in this sense is the same as 'to be successful'/ turn out ok. 2. 'that much' is similar to 'so much'
July 23, 2014
working out - the person is asking if the new roommate is compatible with their friend. Compatible in the sense of not causing problems like noise, helping to clean, sharing the bills ...... "that much" is an idiom. It means "to a certain degree". So the person answering the question is saying that they are only having a limited amount of time with the new flatmate, and then they add the reason why the time is limited (in this case, he works a lot)
July 23, 2014
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