how i can learn spanish what first step ?
Jul 23, 2014 1:29 PM
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I completely agree with paulalita. But I would also recommend studying nouns always with their articles or pronouns, because all Spanish nouns have gender. Examples: I wouldn't study: "Sartén = frying pan." "Libro = book" I would study: "La sartén = the frying pan" "Una sartén = a frying pan" "Esta sartén = this frying pan" "Esa sartén = that frying pan" "Estas sartenes = these frying pans" "Esas sartenes = those frying pans" "Aquellas sartenes = those frying pans" "El libro = the book" "Un libro = a book" "Este libro = this book" "Ese libro = that book" "Estos libros = these books" "Esos libros = those books" "Aquellos libros = those books" I also would study the verbs "ser", "estar" and also "tener" using lots of easy sentences: "I'm tired = estoy cansado" "I'm tall = soy alto" "I'm cold = tengo frío" "I'm hungry tengo hambre" But this is only my opinion, maybe this way of learning at the beginning is not the best one for you. Who knows? I hope it helps.
July 23, 2014
What I always recommend when you are starting to learn a new language is to know basic vocabulary, like numbers, colors, food, and some expressions for the daily life. After this you can start with the verbs and the grammar. Good luck!
July 23, 2014
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