is my grammar incorrect? please check :) "This page is an affiliate marketer and promoting products or items majority from Amazon. Products like books, bags, electronics/computers,etc."
Jul 23, 2014 4:01 PM
Answers · 3
I would re-phrase it as: "This page is an affiliate marketer and is promoting the majority of the products or items from Amazon (products like books, bags, electronics/computers,etc.)"
July 23, 2014
The first part of your phrase is great: "This page is an affiliate marketer...", but the second part is a little unclear. Also, because you used a period after Amazon instead of a comma, you created an incomplete sentence with the phrase "products like books, bags, electronics/computers, etc." I would rephrase it as follows: "This page is an affiliate marketer that mostly promotes Amazon products (e.g., books, bags, electronics/computers, etc.)."
July 23, 2014
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