questions about English accents? I have realized the American accent is very different from the british accent, which I would like to learn, I know the English learners learn the RP or Receive Pronunciation, that's I learn, I don't know why do Australians and Canadians sound to me like british people when they are talking? and the American is used only in USA and countries in Latin America teach more the American English because is it Standar? as a latin American for me it's difficult to understand the british speakers and Australia speakers why? if someone learns Spanish from Mexico would be hard to listen to Argentinians or Spanish people?
Jul 23, 2014 10:19 PM
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I'm puzzled by the Canadian accent sounding like British also, unless you mean a northeastern or New England accent (like Boston, which maybe sounds a little Irish to an untrained ear?). The similarity with British is more written and grammar than verbal. Also, regarding why they teach American English in Latin America, I think it's really just because of proximity. English teachers in Latin America are more likely to have studied in the US when they're developing proficiency. On the flipside, we're taught almost exclusively Latin American Spanish in the US (if you select Spanish as your foreign language), so while I get along great in Argentina, Peru and Puerto Rico, I sometimes have trouble being understood in Spain. And as hard as I've looked, it's nearly impossible to find (physical) classes that teach Castillan Spanish here.
July 24, 2014
I'm very surprised that Canadians sound like British people to you. Apart from certain specific sounds such as the 'ou' sound, the Canadian accent is fairly close the the average American accent. Most people around the world would have difficulty telling the difference between a Canadian and a US accent. The Australian accent sounds a little like RP (or, for example, a typical London accent) to you because in many ways it is similar. There are some differences - particularly in the intonation - but there are also many similarities. Some people from the US would also have trouble distinguishing between the accents of an English person and an Australian.
July 23, 2014
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