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"Are you familiar with disc golf?" -- 한국말로 뭐예요? In English it's common to ask someone "Are you familiar with X?" -- especially about hobbies or TV shows that require some information about how to play a game, or what the story is about, or who the characters are. For example: "I want to watch Breaking Bad. Are you familiar the show?" "No, I don't watch TV. I prefer sports. Are you familiar with disc golf?" "Kind of. But it's raining outside. What about chess? Are you familiar with how to play?" "A little bit. Maybe once we start playing I'll remember how to play." Someone suggested to me the phrase "~본 적 있어요". Is that the most natural translation? Are these sentences correct? 예: 디스크 골프를 해본 적 있어요? 예: 그 드라마를 보본 적 있어요?
Jul 25, 2014 3:04 AM
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"~적 있어요?" is good, but can not be used in every situation. I would use "~ 아세요?(Do you know ~)" rather than. ex) 가 : 디스크 골프 아세요? (Do you know the disc golf?) 나 : 아니요. 처음 들어요. (No. I have never heard about it) or 몇 번 해봤는데 규칙은 잘 몰라요. (I played several times but I don't know the rule perfectly.) 가 : 그 드라마 아세요? (Do you know the drama?) 나 : 네. 하지만 본 적은 없어요. (Yes, but I have never watched it.)
July 25, 2014
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