Skye Wang
Whether magazine is belong to book or not?
Jul 26, 2014 9:15 AM
Answers · 4
Here are two ways a magazine can be like a "book." 1) A magazine will often be identified by "volume." For a monthly magazine that's been published for fifty years, the January issue might be "Volume 50, Number 1." The February issue, "Volume 50, Number 2." And so on, to the December issue, "Volume 50, Number 12." The next year would begin with "Volume 51, Number 1." When the year is complete, a library sends all of the magazines for that year to a bindery, which literally sews them together and puts a cover on it. It becomes a "bound volume." It goes on a shelf just like a book. The spine it will say "Thus-and-such Magazine, Volume 50, 2012" 2) Within the magazine publishing trade itself, a magazine ARE sometimes referred to as "a book" or "the book." This is a very rare usage. An example occurs in Nevil Shute's WONDERFUL novel, "The Trustee from the Toolroom." The hero writes articles about model-making for a magazine. McNeil runs the magazine. Blocks are the photoengraved printing blocks used for pictures, which were expensive during the time in which the novel is set. "You know what it's like with the book. We just scrape along. We have to use such a hell of a lot of blocks."
July 26, 2014
If I get your question right - no, magazine is not a book. Magazine is a periodical publication.
July 26, 2014
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