I need a little bit of help. I need help to decipher a word that I hear and I dont understand in a video. In this video a guy is saying; Here is my version of an american accent from the south or of the same _____ of the south. the part that I am missing is in the first 9 seconds, another question is. is the second character of the story a lawyer, is he saying lawyer or just a person ´s name?. and finally what the meaning of beat up in that context? here is the video link
Jul 26, 2014 6:30 PM
Answers · 1
He said: "Here is my version of an American accent from the south, or as they say in Canada, "the sooth." Before giving you his southern US accent, he made fun of the way Canadians pronounce the word "south."
July 26, 2014
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